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Arlington Branch Closed for Renovations

Due to safety concerns for staff and members as well as preparation time for the move to our new space, we have decided to close the Arlington location for the remainder of construction.
The Arlington Branch will be closed from Thursday, July 25 to early September.
For day-to-day banking, we are encouraging members to use our online banking services and mobile app. If you have questions, concerns or other banking needs, please contact MemberLine or visit the Ludlow location. ATM services and night deposits will still be available. 
When we re-open the new space in September, we hope you will join us for a grand opening celebration to help us break the new location in!

Thank you for your patience as we embark on this exciting next phase of the new Arlington Branch project.

TCU Financial Group Board Election Results

The Annual General Meeting of TCU Financial Group Credit Union was held on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. Congratulations to our successful candidates who ran in the election.  Full details available here.

Importance of Setting Up E-Statements

Information for all TCU Members:

  • If you haven't already done so, now is a great time to sign up for e-statements.
  • Our MemberLine Contact Centre is available to respond to your inquiries regarding your TCU account.

Information for Credit Card holders:

  • To ensure credit card payment due dates are top of mind, e-statements can be setup to be delivered to your email.
    • Click here to enroll with MyCardInfo for TCU Financial Group credit card accounts (sign up for electronic statements).
    • Balance, payment amount and due dates are available through:
    • Payments can be made through online banking or in person at any TCU Financial Group location


    Credit Union Community & Economic Impact Report

    In a recent report published by the Canadian Credit Union Association, some of the economic impacts of credit unions were identified as:

    • An average of 5.4 percent pre-tax credit union income went to community donations and sponsorships, compared to less than one percent for the big banks.
    • Credit unions returned $174 million of profits to members through dividends and other forms of patronage.
    • Access to 4,500 ding-free ATMs saved members $19 million in fees.
    • Dollar for dollar, credit unions create roughly twice as many jobs as Canada’s largest banks.
    • Credit unions and their head offices are based locally, so these professional jobs are well-distributed in all regions across Canada.
    • Credit unions are the only bricks and mortar financial institution providing vital banking services in 395 Canadian towns and communities.
    For more information, please read the entire Credit Union Community & Economic Impact Report.


    A Newly Redesigned Arlington Branch Coming Soon

    TCU Financial Group is excited to share some news about our evolving space at the Arlington branch. On July 1st, 2018, the building at 2311 Arlington Avenue was sold to Saskatchewan Teachers Federation (STF), however we aren’t going anywhere. TCU Financial Group will continue to fully operate at that location – just in a smaller space.

    Our goals for our new branch are to:

    • Ensure the redesigned branch meets and exceeds the needs of our members;
    • Allow us to interact with our members more collaboratively;
    • Continue to support member’s transactional needs, meet individually with members and provide expert advice;
    • Be flexible and change the space to accommodate meetings and to deliver advice-events to small groups of members;
    • Welcome members to get a more hands-on approach to their finances and make their visit an enjoyable part of their weekly or monthly routine.


    ATM Hold Update

    There will be no holds on cash deposits at all TCU Financial Group ATMs. If you need to make a deposit to cover an upcoming pre-authorized payment or loan payment, a cash deposit in a TCU ATM is now a safe option. There will be no hold on this deposit, allowing the payment to go through as scheduled. For more information, view the Automated Teller Machines section on our Ways to Bank page.


    RESPs with CTV

    With a new school year fast approaching, Lori Ann Kirby met with CTV to discuss Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs). She shares information necessary for set-up, how to access government grants and how to make withdrawals when the time comes.

    For more interviews with TCU Experts, please visit the CTV website.


    Education Loans with CTV

    Account Manager Sarah Bury met with CTV to discuss financing options for post-secondary education.

    For more interviews with TCU Experts, please visit the CTV website.


    Credit Card Bill Payee Changes

    The names of the following credit card bill payees will be changing:

    • Sears Retail card becomes Scotiabank Retailer Card
    • Marriott Visa becomes Chase Hotel Rewards Card
    • Rewards Visa Card becomes Chase Retail Rewards Card

    We will be updating our system with the new names and removing the previous names. During this transition these bill payees may be unavailable to pay on August 7th and 8th. After August 8th, the new credit cards will be available on your utility bill list. Your bill payee account number will not change. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact our MemberLine Department.


    Women's Mentorship Program

    “Cooperation amongst cooperatives.” This is the 6th co-operative principle that TCU Financial Group put into practice when hosting Loise Methu, CEO for the Cosmopolitan Sacco Society in Kenya, Africa.

    Continue Reading >


    Registered Disability Savings Plan with CTV

    Jeff Elliott of TCU Wealth Management met with CTV to discuss what a Registered Disability Savings Plan is, who can benefit from it and how to qualify.

    For more interviews with TCU Experts, please visit the CTV website.


    Summer Vacation Savings with CTV

    TCU Wealth Management's John Hettel talks with CTV about how to keep your summer vacation on track and avoiding blowing your budget.

    For more interviews with TCU Experts, please visit the CTV website.


    CHEP Good Food Donation


    Back in May, CHEP Good Food lost their delivery truck to a fire along with all the food that was in it. CHEP Good Food is an organization that helps some of the poorest and most in-need groups in the city. Many of these in-need groups are children who often don’t get the proper nutrition at home. CHEP offers support to schools to ensure proper nutrition is reaching these core community kids.

    In response to CHEP Good Food’s loss, TCU Financial Group donated $3,500 to show our support of children and youth in yet another way that our credit union gives back to foster healthy communities. We’d encourage any TCU members that would like to donate to this cause to check out more information on the donation page of the CHEP Good Food’s site.


    2018 Scholarship Recipients

    Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 TCU Financial Group Scholarships. A full list of recipients can be found on the 2018 Scholarship Recipients page.


    Value of Wills and Power of Attorneys

    TCU Estate Expert Georeganne Bourget talks with CTV about the value of having a proper will and power of attorneys in place.

    For more interviews with TCU Experts, please visit the CTV website.


    Understanding Cash Flow

    TCU Financial Group Account Manager Jessica Struck recently met with CTV to discuss the importance of cash flow and the benefits of understanding your own cash flow needs.

    For more interviews with TCU Experts, please visit the CTV website.  


    Financial Literacy with CTV

    Our TCU Financial Group Experts recently met with CTV in Regina and Saskatoon to talk about the importance of financial literacy and how a person can get started.

    For more interviews with TCU Experts, please visit the CTV website.  


    Tips to Save in Income Tax

    Our TCU Wealth Management Specialists recently met with CTV, in both Saskatoon and Regina, to share some tips that can help you save on the income tax you are paying.

    For more interviews with TCU Experts, please visit the CTV website.  


    Mobile App Enhancements

    Our TCU Financial Group Mobile App has been created out of the core Central 1 mobile banking app that continues to be ranked #1 in Canada by Forrester Research. The app is continually improving and we’re happy to bring you a few more updates to further improve your mobile banking experience. Here are the latest improvements to the TCU mobile app:

    • Account Activity Search and Filter Updates – Members can now filter or search their account activity using a pre-defined or custom date range. Transactions can also be filtered or searched based on a single amount or an amount range.
    • Message Indicators – Members will now see an indicator on the ‘Messages’ icon when they have any unread messages.
    • Enhanced Landscape and Portrait Orientations for Tablets
    • Touch ID (iOS) – When enabled, members will be able to login to the app using their fingerprint that has already been set up on their iPhone.
    • 3D Touch (iOS) – This feature will allow members to go directly to Transfers, Bill Payments and Deposit Anywhere from the phone home screen. When enabled, this feature is available on iPhone 6S and more recent models.

    If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, give it a try! It is available in the App Store and Google Play. For those already using the app, you should receive the update automatically.



    Travel Notice

    Please let our MemberLine department know when you are travelling outside of Canada. This will help to avoid any service interruptions with your TCU Financial Group MEMBER CARD debit card.

    For more useful travel information, please visit our Travel Tips page.



    CRA Payment Issue

    CRA payments made to SIN numbers beginning with 00, 02, 05, 07 or 8 cannot be made electronically. This includes online banking, mobile app or telephone banking. These payments can be made in branch or through the mail. In both cases, all necessary paperwork must be included. If you have any questions, please contact our MemberLine Department.    



    Bill Payment Notice

    Same day duplicate CRA or bill payments are not allowed by our system for security reasons. All duplicate payments will automatically reject and be credited back to the account the following business day. It may take up to five business days to process payments and credit to the applicable account.




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